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If you received a pod coffee maker as a gift over the holidays, your mornings are better than ever. You can quickly brew one steaming-hot cup of coffee at the press of a button, and be fully caffeinated and wide-awake in minutes. You don’t even have a carafe to clean because you brew directly into your mug.

However, you might wonder if it makes a difference which coffee pod you use. The short answer is yes! 

How a pod coffee maker works

Brewing coffee only involves two ingredients: water and coffee. In short, for a pod coffee maker, very hot — but not boiling — water is pumped through a pod that contains a single serving of coffee grounds. As the water passes through those grounds, it extracts flavor and coloring, filling your cup with coffee.

Key factors that affect coffee pod quality

There are two key factors that affect the quality of a coffee pod: 

  • Size of…

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