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Stop by to try the new and refreshing addition to their menu.

May 16, 2022 // // Ziggi’s Coffee has added something refreshing and delicious to their menu. Their new line of Fresherz provides customers with an enticing experience just in time for summer. This thirst-quenching treat includes green coffee extract that gives natural energy at any time of the day. Fresherz are joining Ziggi’s permanent menu for customers to enjoy year-round.

Ziggi’s new line of Fresherz will feature three bold flavors:

  • Melon Berry Tide – Juicy watermelon, crisp cucumber, a hint of mint & real strawberry slices
  • Citrus Sunburst – Citrus, ginger, tropical coconut & real orange slices
  • Dragon Fruit Splash – Vibrant dragon fruit, sweet lychee & real dragon fruit pieces

Each Fresherz can be customized with tea, lemonade, Red Bull or coconut milk to fit the unique personality of every customer. Whether gathering with friends…

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