Despite rumors circulating about the potential closure of Local Coffee House, the establishment is here to stay. And its endurance comes with a mission for the Aspen community.

Co-founded and owned by the mother-daughter duo Candice Olson and Michaela Carpenter, the local coffee shop and eatery on East Cooper Avenue came to life in 2018. A year later, the two women opened Here House — a private clubhouse that hosts community events and serves as a working space for members — in the same building as Local Coffee.

Separated only by a sliding curtain, the two concepts have grown side-by-side over the past few years, cultivating a community hang-out spot for locals and visitors alike. From the start, Olson and Carpenter created the space with a mission to serve, celebrate and engage the people who make Aspen, Aspen.

And while the venue has maintained its relaxed vibe and Aspen spirit, recent challenges faced by almost every local business in this town…

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