Who Is Julian Contreras and Kin Coffee Assault Allegations Explained: Social media has become a powerful medium for those people who could not openly express themselves in front of others. The social media sites gave power to those who wants to express the mishappening they faced during their childhood, in workplaces, and in public areas. Talking about the recent news, Julian Contreras, the owner of Kin Coffee Bar SLO, has come under se*ual assault accusations by many ladies this week. Contreras from San Luis Obispo (SLP) is a well-known business owner in the community. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Julian Contreras

Who Is Julian Contreras?

The Internet users and the local people have gone into shock as multiple as 15 ladies have come forward being the sufferer of se*ual assaults by him and fellow business owner Nate Abate. The incident has ensued in social media confrontations between the sufferer and these 2 business owners, while the internet users are…

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