FOLSOM, La (WGNO) — Fewer than a thousand people live in Folsom. But don’t call it a one stoplight town because it has two. And it has many other things, all because of one man.

“We have about a 10,000 car traffic count on Highway 25, back and forth, but nobody tends to stop because you have to give them something to stop for,” Frank Richerand told WGNO News.

Richerand decided to give people a reason to stop in Folsom. It started with a coffee shop he named Giddy Up and went on to include an art gallery, pizza and snowball stand, 2 Air BNBs and an outdoor performance area. Richerand also restored the town’s old library which is now once again in operation.

He’s hoping people will attend the upcoming Scenic Rivers Art Festival on May 1. Richerand says the event will run from about 4:00 to 7:00 that day and will include fine art, live music, food trucks and presentations.

For more on Richerand’s projects, check out our video at the top of this…

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