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New York, one of the world’s finest cities, is constantly a frenzy of activity, with famous sights around every corner and seldom enough time to see them all. There are plenty of charming neighborhood coffee shops in New York City that welcome guests with frothy cappuccinos and polite chat. While every New Yorker has a favorite corner haunt, there are a number of cafes and roasters in the city that are worth visiting for freshly brewed coffee, award-winning pastries, and friendly service.

5. Bluestone Lane Collective Café

The West Village Collective Café, a considerable expansion from Bluestone Lane’s smaller coffee shops, serves a seasonal menu of progressive café fare with table service for all-day breakfast, lunch, and early evening appetizers. Their menu is inspired by Australian café cuisine, with a significant emphasis on foods that are healthful and do not require extensive cooking.

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters


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