Running short on time in the morning? Do you want to speed up your routine? Don’t sweat it, because an all-in-one coffee maker can make all the difference. Today we take a look at the many different kinds of coffee machines that are whipping up anything from a pot of black coffee to a single, frothy latte. Read on to find out more!

Sometimes you wake up with enough time to get ready, drop by your favorite coffee shop, and get on with your day. Sometimes, you roll out of bed in a state of panic upon realizing you’re already 20-minutes behind schedule and now you’re faced with a dispiriting dilemma: stop for coffee and be late for work or forego it and arrive on time dreadfully un-caffeinated.

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For those who have ascended beyond their need (or desire) for coffee, this scenario may not apply to you. However, we coffee fanatics know…

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