By Wendy Nugent, Harvey County Now

NEWTON—Newton resident Gretchen Loganbill’s relationship with coffee has been percolating through the years.

She said her coffee connection has changed as she’s become older. When she was young, her association with the ground beans started when she got whiffs of brewing coffee at her grandma’s house, and then there was Starbucks in middle and high school. While in high school, she studied abroad in Brazil.

“That’s when I started myself drinking coffee,” she said.

In Nebraska, Loganbill studied with college friends at The Mill Coffee & Tea while she attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, and she and her husband, Eric Loganbill, used to get up on Saturday mornings and go to The Mill. When Loganbill moved to Newton, they’d go back to Nebraska and visit family. The next morning after their Nebraska arrival, the family would sit around and drink coffee—a lot of coffee.

Loganbill’s husband is from Moundridge and they’re…

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