Photo by Joshua Michaels on Unsplash

A twenty-nine-year-old personal trainer, Mansfield, ordered a 3.5-ounce pouch of caffeine powder, which he planned to use in supplement drinks. However, he made a small mistake while measuring the powder that cost him his life.

Anywhere between 0.002 and 0.01 ounces of caffeine powder is the recommended dosage. Anything beyond that amount of caffeine powder can negatively impact health. Mansfield, on the other hand, consumed over two grams of caffeine. According to a report by the BBC, he drank several ounces of caffeine powder, equivalent to 200 cups of coffee – a fatal amount.

As soon as Mansfield consumed his drink, he complained of chest pain and increased heartbeat. However, his heartbeat did not slow down. Instead only drummed harder. Soon, foam started coming out of his mouth. Seeing his worsening condition, his wife immediately called an ambulance. However, his situation deteriorated with every passing second, and he soon went into

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