Good morning, everyone. It’s a woefully cold day here in Connecticut. It snowed, and I am less bundled up than Ryan Mason is in that picture.

It felt like spring all of last week. It certainly looked like it, especially in Washington DC, where your Hoddler-in-Chief spent his weekend. That’s because he will soon be relocating to America’s capital for his job.

Around this time last year, when I was unemployed and looking at work and wanting to leave Connecticut, I looked for opportunities in locations that I knew I would do well living in: Los Angeles, California (near my hometown), New York City (where I went to college) and Washington, DC (where I have no roots).

The right opportunity came along sometime in the middle of last year, and for the past eight months of so I have been working remotely for my employer’s bureau in Washington, DC. And now it’s the time for me to finally make the move.

After viewing apartments in Arlington, Alexandria and Northeast DC I had…

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