Good morning and happy thursday hoddlers.

Does anyone else think that the whole “documentary” craze has gone too far? If you haven’t thought that, then let me please introduce you to the film Set!

This film follows one of these most competitive table-setting competitions in the world, where forks and knives and spoons are meticulously placed and spaced – and knick knacks and doo-dads could make or break your diners’ experience.

What, you think this isn’t serious business? Well, according to the programme, a singular misplaced spoon could derail what otherwise was considered a spotless table.

Now this looks much more intense than your hoddler-in-chief’s table-setting. He typically used a fork, knife, plate and glass (maybe two glasses) on one of those fake-wood Walmart tables, garnished with a paper napkin and a notebook with its accompanying pen.

Do such rebellious spirits exist in the world of Set!?


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