good morning and happy thursday hoddlers.

Your hoddler-in-chief is in need of a drink on this Wednesday night. To your hoddler-in-chief’s horror, the instrument needed to open said alcohol has been packed away and taped up.

And that is because your hoddler-in-chief is moving to Washington in the coming days. Boxes are packed, the goodbyes have been said and all that is left is to put his belongings in the U-haul vehicle.

I have been reflecting often in recent weeks. It’s difficult to articulate these thoughts now as it is very late in the evening and I am in need of sleep. The idea of me packing the u-haul and driving for hours and hours is exhausting to even imagine.

Still I reflect on my finals weeks here. Of the goodbyes I have said, the places I will not visit again and the challenges to come. I won’t miss Connecticut. It was never my home. But in the years I have spent here I have found myself to be fortunate.

I will miss my friends. I will miss my running routes,…

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