good morning and happy friday, hoddlers. Who has fun weekend plans?

Speaking of the weekend, Selection Sunday is just days away. On Sunday a committee will determine which 68 US college basketball teams (plus four) will enter the NCAA Championship Tournament – otherwise known as March Madness.

Now, if the show runs through the teams bracket-by-bracket (instead of that disastrous year when they went alphabetically), there should be plenty of drama.

And why is that? Because over a hundred college basketball teams have been competing over the course of the last several months. Some, like Gonzaga in Washington, run through their schedule with eyes firmly fixed on the trophy. Others, like, Chattanooga, grind through the entire season just for a chance to attend The Dance.

What makes the bracket reveal so compelling isn’t just the tournament itself, but the parity across the divisions across the US. Who wouldn’t love to see a mid-major sneak into the tournament?


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