Good morning, Hoddlers! Our intrepid Hoddler in Chief, Fitzie, is still the process of moving to Washington, so you get me for another day.

Continuing on the Hoddle topic from Friday, we’re still talking jazz. I mentioned Ahmad Jamal as one of the perhaps lesser-known jazz artists active in the early 1960s that have really captured my ear lately. I love researching the artists that catch my attention, and Jamal, who is still active as a performer, is one of the jazz pianists who never quite made it to international superstardom but nevertheless was very influential to other jazzers.

One of the hallmarks of Jamal’s style, at least in his early recordings was his sparse, almost spartan pianism. Jamal can shred, but he usually doesn’t — his playing is restrained, almost sparse at times, and to me it’s interesting how he allows the notes that he doesn’t play speak as loudly as the ones he does. It’s an interesting melding of sound and silence, where timing speaks as…

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