SOUTHINGTON – Southington Coffee House is the only cafe to sell crepes locally, said owner Denis Guay. 

“That kind of uniqueness is a big draw for clients and customers,” Guay said. “I think crepes get a lot more buzz and popularity when people talk about Southington Coffee House.”

Guay said the coffee house offers gourmet coffee, blue tea, coffee-based drinks, espressos, lattes and other beverages. He said the cafe has various bakery items as well.

“We have weekly drink specialties, iced tea and hot lattes as well as regular iced and drip coffees,” Guay said. “We have bakery items ranging from muffins to croissants. We also do scones.” 

According to Guay, the cafe has savory and sweet crepes made to order at the customers’ request. 

“[The customers] can pick what fillings they want, and the crepes are made right in front of them so they can watch the crepe maker spread the batter and add their toppings or fillings,” Guay said. 

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