Shanghai International Studies University said it has expelled a student surnamed Yin who put a substance into another student’s coffee in a school library.

The university said the decision was made on Tuesday.

Yin’s probationary membership in the Communist Party of China was also revoked.

According to police, the incident took place on Sunday in a library at the university’s Songjiang Campus.

Yin, 21, admitted he put half an effervescent taurine tablet he bought online into a female student’s coffee cup while she was away from her seat.

When the woman returned and sipped her coffee, she realized it tasted strange. She then dumped the coffee and reported it to the university’s security department.

Upon receiving a report about the incident, police launched an investigation. Yin was later tracked down and confessed.

Afterwards, the female student underwent a physical checkup at a hospital and was found to be…

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