The Cold Smoke Craft House will be the newest coffee shop in San Angelo.

SAN ANGELO — Coffee lovers rejoice, a college-based coffee house is coming to San Angelo and hiring now.

The Cold Smoke Craft House, 1296 W. Washington St. in Stephenville, opened around August 2021 and has since become a popular spot. With the slogan, “cure what ails you,” the coffee shop offers snacks, sandwiches, pastries and other treats, along with an array of coffee options.

Cold Smoke is part of the Barefoot Campus Outfitter organization, a college-focused outfitting company, and this is the group’s first try at opening coffee shops.

“We’re expanding to let everybody get a chance to enjoy this amazing atmosphere,” said Ashton Ball, head manager for the Stephenville and upcoming San Angelo location. “People should expect a really cool, new atmosphere that is laid-back, warm, inviting and (has) great craft coffee.

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