(ST. JOSEPH, Mo.) State legislators spoke at the Public Affairs Coffee in St. Joseph Wednesday morning.

Hosted by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce, community members gathered at the Metropolitan this morning to hear what’s happening in the state capital and how that affects northwest Missouri as well as St. Joseph in our business community.

This year discussing an influx in budget that created tough decisions at the state capital, and according to the Chamber, making it even more vital to hear from our representation.

“We live here. We work here. This is our hometown. We represent the people here in Jefferson City.  I think that’s very important for us to always keep in mind that it’s the folks back here who put us in charge and say to work for them,” said Dean Van Schoiack, Missouri State Representative.

Also taking place at the Public Affairs Coffee this morning, St. Joseph recognizing Dan Hegeman as this is his final term as Missouri…

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