Thirty-two-year-old Blair Edwards’ love for coffee began at age 7. He drank it every morning while living with his parents in Atlanta, Ga., and became familiar with roasting coffee at his first job as a teenager.

“I’ve always worked in coffee; that was my first job at the place with the green mermaid (Starbucks),” Edwards told the Mississippi Free Press from Starkville, Miss., in a Zoom interview on March 11, 2022. “That was my first job when I was 15, and I’d worked there off and on maybe till about five or six years ago.”

Edwards moved to Starkville from Atlanta in 2009 to attend Mississippi State University and study anthropology. After a year and a half, he dropped out because he could not afford the school fees. Over the ensuing years, he would relocate elsewhere but repeatedly returned to Starkville. The last time he returned was in 2017.

Graphic that says Historic Starkville Mississippi's College Town
Blair Edwards started his coffee business in 2017 in Starkville, Miss. Graphic courtesy City of Starkville

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