It all started with selling growlers of cold brew back in 2016.

“I started going to little festivals, popup events, pulling out card tables, using houseware stuff and just trying to get my name out there,” owner Rebecca Alvarez said.

Six years later, cold brew is still a staple at With Room Coffee, but there’s much more now.

She said, “it’s definitely not what it was when I first started.”

An average of 200 drinks a day are made here.

Plus, it’s a place to shop for plants, because according to Alvarez, “you need two things to survive, and that’s caffeine and oxygen.”

Alvarez worked at Starbucks for nine years before she took her knowledge and experience to create her own brand.

Having moved to Minot from California, she says the tight-knit community is one of the things that has helped her business thrive.

“I love the opportunity that you have out here because it’s a small but not small community out here where you get to connect with your customers at a…

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