Damien Jones creates a Frozen Whippet on Thursday morning at Shelby High School.

SHELBY — Damien Jones was ready to fire up the blender.

“Blender on,” he said in a raised voice as he prepared another order at the Whippet Up Café. 

Each day, students with disabilities take and make orders and deliver coffee and smoothies at Shelby High School, under the watchful eye of intervention specialist Molly Mahaney.

Mahaney previously sent out a survey to see how staff felt about the idea before going forward.

“Everyone seemed really excited about it,” she said.

When the students with disabilities arrive at school, they eat breakfast, then do their hygiene “so they look presentable for work.”

“If they have a job, they get started on it,” Mahaney said. “If they don’t have a job, they do morning work.”

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