When it comes to putting ‘In God We Trust’ on their license plates, Coffee County ranked 59th amongst the state’s 95 counties as better than seven out of 10 Coffee County motorists chose the option.

The most recent state numbers showed 72 percent of those picking up their new license plates from the county clerk’s office in Manchester were issued the plates with the ‘In God We Trust’ option. The inclusion of ‘In God We Trust’ is at the will of the motorist purchasing the tag as the state’s new blue license plate can be bought with or without the saying for the same price. To ensure one gets the saying on their plate, he or she must specifically request it although some clerks will ask when the motorist comes in for renewal. Some clerks have went so far as to post signs, advising motorists of the option since it must be announced before the plate is purchased.

While ranking 59th amongst those with the saying on their plates, Coffee is…

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