Anyone who has attended or virtually viewed a Scio Township Board meeting can say for sure that the community wants to have a voice in its local government and they want to be heard.

The public comment portion of the township meetings has become a time for many in the Scio community to speak their views.

However, during these parts of the meetings it’s not always a back and forth discussion between the public and board.

This combined with the community wanting more opportunities to speak directly with their locally-elected officials is leading Scio Township to offer coffee hours.

Township supervisor Will Hathaway told The Sun Times News “the coffee hours will be opportunities for members of the public to meet with members of the Board of Trustees in an informal setting.”

He said this was an idea put forward by township resident Marty Mayo, who also currently serves on the township’s Land Preservation Commission.

“The goal of the coffee hours is to encourage conversations…

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