As the weather starts to warm up, people have started planning island getaways and European excursions. But for those of us who will summer in Pittsburgh, a stroll down Penn Avenue for a cup of coffee can be like a ticket to travel around the world.

Within a few miles on Pittsburgh’s Penn Avenue, coffee lovers can take a trip to India, Italy, Colombia and more. For those looking to expand on their palate, these shops each have their special brand of beverage to offer.

  1. Adda Coffee and Tea House

In the Garfield neighborhood lies Adda Bazaar, an offshoot of Adda Coffee and Tea House. The bazaar, one of Adda’s five locations, serves as a multicultural hub serving artisan goods and coffee. The owner, who hails from Bangladesh, opened up the shop six years ago to share his love for travel and food, according to Adda’s coffee manager Evan Kelly.

Adda, which is a Bengali word for a place to gather with friends, has reached back to its South Asian roots. Most recently, the coffee…

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