Amalia Litsa at Dear Diary (Photo by Wayne Alan Brenner)

Longtime Austinite and creative community familiar Amalia Litsa opened her vegan coffee shop Dear Diary, part of a revitalized retail strip near the corner of 12th & Chicon, just as the COVID-19 pandemic was starting.

She and business partner Joshua Adrian struggled to keep the place going through months and months of lockdowns and social distancing and varying safety levels. And together, somehow, with willing workers and a loyal neighborhood community, they helped the place to survive.

Maybe even, relatively speaking, to thrive.

Selling coffee, selling pastries, selling art supplies and artist merch. Providing a bright and welcoming neighborhood hangout spot in the midst of fraught times. Onward, though the ‘ronas.

Now Litsa has bought Adrian’s share of the business, is running Dear…

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