Good Tuesday Morning, Fellow Seekers.

A trio of Republican state lawmakers who live hours away from Pennsylvania’s biggest city are readying articles of impeachment against Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, saying the “unchecked violent crime” there has “has reached a breaking point.”

GOP Reps. Josh Kail, of Beaver County, whose district sits hard against the Ohio state line; Torren Ecker, of Adams County, whose seat is closer to Maryland than it is to Germantown, and Tim O’Neal, of Washington County, whose district is closer to West Virginia than it is to South Philly, announced their push on Monday.

The lawmakers began circulating a memo seeking co-sponsors for their proposal. That’s the starting point for a process that likely will take months — assuming it ever makes it to the House floor, and then to the state Senate for a trial, as NBC-10 in Philadelphia reports.

In a statement, the lawmakers said a June…

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