WHITE HALL — A 140 square-foot space, a heap of hospitality, a splash of coffee and one woman tying it all together.

A month ago, 25-year-old Taylor McCartney opened the doors to White Hall’s newest coffee shop, Groove Coffee. Nestled in the corner of the Rose Plaza, just across the street from the bustling Middletown Commons, sits a small space that, at the start of this year, acted as the office for the owner of the adjacent CBD dispensary.

With such a modest amount of space, McCartney has taken the term “small business” to the literal extreme, but that’s by design.

“I want this to be a welcoming environment,” McCartney said. “I want people to feel welcome here. This place is a piece of me.”

McCartney grew up in the Fairmont area, graduated from East Fairmont High and went on to West Virginia University to study, not business, but fashion design.


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