Things are getting steamy at the Strand Book Store—and not just on the Romance shelves.

On Saturday, June 25, the Strand celebrated its 95th year as the largest independent bookstore in New York City and made an improvement unseen since its 1927 opening. The legendary bookstore near Union Square teamed up with Brooklyn Roasting Co. to add an in-shop coffeehouse.  

“Bringing coffee to our customers has been a long-time dream for The Strand,” said Laura Ravo, the COO of Strand Books. “When we made the decision to add it to our store, we sought to bring customers the most authentic coffee experience and Brooklyn Roasting Company fit that vision perfectly. Furthermore, Brooklyn Roasting Company shares many of the Strand’s principles. They deliver a quality product, care about the New York and provide excellent customer service; while giving back through conscientious charitable contributions to further the arts, literature and music in our city.”


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