ZANESVILLE, Ohio- A brand new coffee business made their debut at the Zanesville Farmers Market today.

The ‘Double Shot Espresso’ is run by a local couple that slow-brews their coffee themselves.

The gift of an at home coffee roaster sprouted the couple’s interests in creating coffee themselves.

Husband and wife, Joanna and Micah Hanks say that their coffee is guaranteed to be fresh.

“But it’s fresh, usually coffee on a shelf is about six months old, by the time because of packaging, shipping and distribution. And so, we try to roast as recently as we can get it to you so that it’s nice and fresh,” Joanna told us.

The business is a little over a month old and has 3 different roasts options for customers to choose from.

Their coffee comes directly from the countries listed on their packing, including Guatemala, Columbia, and Sumatra.

“We do a lighter, a medium, and a dark roast. And we’re trying to just at this point get the variety…

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