A hotel guest has made a gruesome discovery in a coffee machine, sharing what it really looks like inside the seemingly innocuous appliance.

A hotel guest has left people horrified after sharing what it really looks like inside a hotel room coffee machine.

The scary image was shared on Reddit, with hundreds left stunned.

The image was captioned: “An example of why you don’t use the coffee maker in your hotel room.”

An image showed inside the kettle with dirty looking water as well as marks and stains on the walls of the machine, The Sun reports.

However, that wasn’t the worst part of it. There was also a mushroom floating in it.

Reddit users were left disgusted, although many were not that shocked.

One person wrote: “Never trust a coffee pot that’s not used every day.”

Someone who claimed to work at a hotel warned: “Those things do not get cleaned.”

Another person joked: “Mushroom coffee is a real thing and it’s very expensive and you sound ungrateful.”

Lots of people…

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