Next stop: Traveling to Italy to compete in the Olympics of coffee.

PORTLAND, Maine — Julien Langevin drank coffee in high school. Now, he’s an international coffee-tasting competitor.

“I was a big Tim Horton’s guy,” he says. “I loved flavored, like hazelnut coffee with cream in it.”

At the age of 18, he landed a job. His first gig in the coffee business was as a barista at Starbucks in downtown Portland. A shift leader gave him useful lessons by showing him how the taste of various brews changed when they were paired with different foods, such as a lemon pound cake. 

“That was the first experience where I actually began to think about, ‘OK, this is coffee, but it could taste like something else,'” he said. 

Last fall, Langevin went to work for Coffee By…

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