DETROIT LAKES, Minn. — After being serenaded by members of the 10 O’Clock Coffee Club, the group and patrons of the Main Street Restaurant in Detroit Lakes paid their respects to the server who has served them for more than three decades.

When asked if she had a couple minutes to step away for a short interview during her last shift, she chuckled, “What are they going to do, fire me?”

Kim Erickson, the diner’s 33-year waitressing veteran, said she was excited when she pulled into work for her last shift, so she knows she made the right decision at the right time for her.

“It’s a fun job and I get to come here and talk all day, and I’m a gabber,” said Erickson. “After my husband died a little over a year ago, I just got a whole new outlook on life and I’m going to enjoy some of it.”

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Kim Erickson fills a cup of coffee during her last…

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