NOEL, Mo. — Students at Noel Primary School are perking up to become little baristas at the on-campus T-Rex and Shark Coffee Shop, where they’re learning how to make a variety of brews and delivering them to teachers and staff.

Each Friday, three baristas-in-training put on their white chef’s hats and aprons to prepare cups of coffee for those who place an order in the building. Any student in grades kindergarten through second grade can volunteer for the coffee shop.

Their workstation is lined out with flavored syrups, whipped cream bottles, a milk frother, milk and a pot of fresh coffee. The drinks are prepared by the students with oversight and assistance from school counselor Marjorie Kilby, who launched the shop earlier this semester.

“Any student can be selected to help,” Kilby said. “We’ve had roughly 15 to 20 ‘employees’ this year. They get…

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