Need a cup of java? A Port Coquitlam entrepreneur is opening her second cafe in the Tri-Cities, offering specialty coffees, food and a world-class training centre for coffee professionals

Coffee lovers who want more than the drive-thru or quick pick-up experience will soon have a large space to visit in Port Coquitlam’s newest neighbourhood. 

C Market Coffee, a 75-seat café, will likely be the Tri-Cities’ largest when it opens on Saturday, April 9 at 110-820 Village Dr., in Fremont Village.

With high ceilings, natural stone features and mountain views, C Market in PoCo will provide a relaxing space for people to socialize or work on their laptops while drinking a freshly brewed specialty coffee and enjoying a variety of pastries, bowls, sandwiches and other treats.

The 4,000 sq. ft. space will also become the headquarters for C Market Coffee and provide meeting space available for rent, as well as a training centre for the next generation of baristas, coffee…

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