From the beginning of their marriage, Steve and Embry Munsey found that their lives were centered around community.

Coffee became the perfect ingredient to bring that about.

As a manager of a Starbucks in the Quail Hill neighborhood of Irvine, Steve cultivated relationships with customers, and down the road, those regulars would encourage him to start his own coffee house.

The Munsey family started down that path roughly a decade ago, and it has led to the creation of their own business in Jedidiah Coffee.

Although Jedidiah Coffee remains without a brick-and-mortar café location, the craft coffee company is gaining a foothold in Laguna Beach through community gatherings and pop-up events.

The couple were the featured speakers Thursday for the Laguna Beach Business Club breakfast meeting at Seven7Seven, where they shared their passion with other business leaders in town.

That passion came through loud and clear when Steve and Embry began making the case for top-shelf craft coffee, aiming…

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