KEOTA, Iowa (AP) — The sound of grinding coffee beans joins the rich aroma of roasted arabica inside the narrow confines of the Rural Revival mobile coffee truck as three self-taught and happily caffeinated baristas prep their stations for what will become a busy morning.

In a small parking lot in the middle of a small town 40 miles from the nearest Starbucks, the trio of former public school teachers navigate around each other in the back of their truck as people begin to arrive. Naomi Gretter stands at the espresso machine, Sky Hahn at the smoothie station. Kari Berg leans over to the window and greets the first customers — three young women.

“Good morning! Chai smoothie, ladies?” Berg asks. No. The first order is a salted caramel latte, iced. Caramel is a top contender for favorite drinks, according to Berg. Anything caramel. The smile on Berg’s face is contagious, even this early in the morning.

The customers line up outside the…

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