INDIANAPOLIS — As people come off the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a great time to be excited about the restaurant scene in the Circle City.

Food & Wine magazine called Indianapolis one of “America’s next great food cities” in a recent article. The article said Indy is a “food city worth traveling to” based on diversity, quality, affordability and the mix of personalities making up what Indy has to offer.

”The food scene here is evolving, and I think we’re definitely in the middle of a boom,” said Hugo Cano, the owner of Amberson Coffee and Grocer.

Cano opened Amberson almost two years ago after moving to Indy.

”We just do what we love which is coffee, and people seem to like that so that makes us happy,” he said.

Cano and his shop were recognized in the Food & Wine magazine.

”I think that Indianapolis is probably under the radar, and it’s awesome to see that Food & Wine…

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