NEW DELHI: When he founded Cafe Positive in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, Kallol Ghosh had one goal in mind: To give those he employed a sense of purpose and improve their standing in life.

Ghosh’s cafe is run exclusively by young people living with HIV. “For me, Cafe Positive is not a restaurant but a movement,” he told Arab News.

“HIV positive people suffer from lots of prejudices on the part of the society and people like us find it difficult to adjust with them, and the idea of cafe is an attempt to give these people a sense of purpose and acceptability in the society.”

He opened the cafe in 2018, inspired by a trip to Frankfurt, Germany, where he visited a restaurant run and staffed by people with HIV. While Cafe Positive remained mostly closed during COVID-19 lockdowns, now it is back on track, and Ghosh, a 56-year-old activist who also runs a shelter for HIV-infected children, is planning to expand the business.

“They need employment, and the cafe is…

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