JEFFERSON CITY — April is soybean month in Missouri, and Gov. Mike Parson celebrated with free soy lattes and an official proclamation at Yanis Coffee Zone.

Joined by Lt. Gov. Mike Kehoe, Department of Agriculture Director Chris Chinn and leaders from the Missouri Soybean Association, Parson stopped by Yanis Coffee Zone on Monday morning to present a proclamation making April 2022 soybean month.

Parson said the proclamation and morning stop at the coffee shop help showcase Missouri products and how they impact local businesses and communities.

“When the local businesses are promoting local products, it’s a win-win for everybody in Missouri,” he said.

Yanis Coffee Zone served free soy lattes Monday as part of the celebration.

Soybeans are the primary cash commodity and agricultural export grown in Missouri. The state produces the sixth most in the nation with more than 290 million bushels a year, according to the Department of Agriculture.

Chinn said she was excited to showcase…

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