CHICAGO (CBS) — It is something that is sure to make you stop and stare; a new space for Black entrepreneurs is taking shape on the South Side of Chicago.

Only on 2, Steven Graves spoke with the first owner opening shop.

Nanette Tucker truly has a passion for reimagined fashion; making  plastic banners into mini briefcases; or her favorites, the reversable bucket hat.

You can find it all at her boutique, Marie/Wesley, named after her mom and dad, located in Englewood, the home she works to beautify with her group Englewood Renaissance, bever fathoming a place for fashion in Englewood.

“I see that happening on the North Side, where people can walk to work or bike to work. And in my head, I never imagined that. I’m talking about what kind of bike I want now, so I can ride my bike to work,” she said.

Tucker will open up the boutique and consignment store in the building at 63rd and May streets next month, alongside another coffee and barber shop.

“That demonstrates we can have…

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