Rakesh Kochhar

AFTER an acquaintance informed me that the iconic Indian Coffee House in Sector 17, Chandigarh, had been recently air-conditioned, I could not hold myself back and the next day itself, went for the cup of coffee that only this place serves.

Though there was no whiff of aroma of roasted coffee or the condiment-laden sambar in the corridor outside, the coffee tasted just the same as it has for the past close to six decades that I have had the privilege of savouring it.

While sipping my coffee, I could feel and see the change. There was no sweltering humidity, nor any clamour to get a table near a cooler; the waiters looked relaxed and happy to serve and the patrons looked in no hurry and seemed to actually relish the fare. There were a handful of old-timers, like me, reliving the past, apart from the regulars. The furniture has changed too, though the walls are yet to get a new coat of paint….

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