Craze coffee is a fresh roasted, local product.

Any independent merchant selling coffee has to contend with a business dominated by mega-corporations that seem to be everywhere. Hollister, for example, has three Starbucks franchises, two within a tenth of a mile of each other.

Craze Coffee Roasters is a recent David rising up against the field of Goliaths, a small Hollister company distributing its product locally through online orders, free contactless deliveries, and at Bertuccio’s Market. 

“I officially started the business in July of 2020,” said owner Todd Dauzat, “but I started learning how to roast coffee in 2018. I just kinda worked into the business.  I thought it was kinda fun and was enjoying better coffee than I could get at the big chain coffee shops.”

It took Dauzat a bit of work and a trip to the dictionary to settle on a name.

“I thought of ‘crave’ and when I looked it up, I came across ‘craze,’” he said. “There are several meanings to the…

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