Alan Phung took a college degree back home to Chicago after Denison University’s commencement ceremony on Saturday, May 14. He also took the full–fledged coffee business that he managed to develop throughout the course of his four years in Granville with him.

When Phung began his journey as a freshman in the fall of 2018, he decided that he wanted honor his late father in a unique way. Recalling fond memories of drinking Vietnamese coffee together, Alan decided that he would try to make his own version of the product, and sell it to others.

Vietnamese–style coffee packs a bold–tasting punch, and leaves consumers with quite the caffeine kick. It is made with “robusta” beans, which contain 2–3 times more caffeine than the standard “arabica” beans. Condensed milk and ice are typically added to the brewed coffee, added a sweet contrast to the strong beans.

After persisting through a series of roadblocks and managing demanding college coursework for nearly three full…

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