So I’m sitting here saying to myself “what is it about Sunday’s and coffee?” It just seems when I think Sunday, coffee immediately comes to mind. I know I’m not alone, just thinking out loud.

Yes this article basically came from my Sunday morning caffeine endeavors. Well in this case “half the caf”. Don’t wanna go to coffee crazy so a nice half-caf blend can do the trick. My son Zach and his better-half Carley sent me a delicious “half-calf” blend from California. Using this and adding something April found, a delicious no cal no sugar syrup, I came up with my new Sunday morning treat.

By the way I have exciting news I’ll be sharing with you very soon and you will see why this new concoction works great with where I’m at in time.


Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels


Getting back to what I’m calling my Skinny Black Caramel Latte’. No milk, obviously, no sugar just the half-caf and touch of caramel syrup and let me tell you this is good for a homemade coffee….

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