At the morning bell, students form a long line to get coffee or snacks from the CTC Coffee Shop.

In 2018, the business and marketing instructor at the Hopkins County Career and Technology Center, Sonya Shockley, had the idea to create a business where her students could get hands-on experience.

“With it being a business class, I was trying to run it more like an office type setting and make it more relaxed,” she said.

Shockley and her students originally had the idea to set up coffee pots in the back of the classroom to sell, but when she took it the principal, Pam Todd, the idea expanded from there.

“She mentioned that we had the catering kitchen in the building, and why not turn it into a school-based enterprise and do a full-on coffee shop for the whole school,” said Shockley. “We just kept coming up with more and more ideas.”

The students are at the CTC for about three hours each day. She said it is almost like a night class at the…

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