Gourmet coffee brand Coffeeza has launched its new Recyclable Aluminium Capsules range this June.

These capsules can be used to make espresso and other café-style beverages like cappuccino and latte when used with a compatible coffee machine. As regular coffee drinkers might have experienced, ground coffee that’s kept in the open loses its flavor. This happens as a result of oxidation. 

That’s the reason the brand has moved to aluminum for capsules, as it is the only material that is available which has full-proof oxygen barrier properties. This ensures that extracted coffee has the best of all three: rich crema, invigorating aroma, and indulgent taste. In addition to delivering great taste, these capsules can be easily recycled, making them a great everyday choice.


Rahul Aggarwal, Founder of Coffeeza said, “The aluminum capsules are going to be a game-changer! As a brand, we understand how important it is for our busy customers to enjoy their break-time moments….

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