NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) – A cup of coffee is a daily routine for many of us, but for some students at Newburgh Elementary School, a cup of coffee is helping build skills for life.

“So the students in our functional academics class as a part of the programming, we teach them things in the classroom, the life skills they need to know, job-related skills. But there’s that component that they need to go into the community to have that real life experience,” says Assistant Principal Kris Warner.

When the pandemic prevented the students from gaining those experiences outside of the classroom, Warner and his staff had to think of something new. This led to the start of the Solid Grounds Coffee Shop.

With guidance from fellow student helpers and teachers, students in the functional academics program fulfill coffee orders by organizing cups and lids, attaching labels, filling the coffee and delivering the orders to teachers. There is even a time card station where…

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