NEW YORK, May 20 (Reuters) – Demand for coffee in non-producing countries showed a healthy recovery in the first quarter, although there are signs of possible slowdowns in demand in Russia and China for the coming quarters, analysts from Rabobank said in a report on Friday.

It said “coffee disappearance,” a term indicating the amount of coffee nonproducing countries are actually consuming and not packing for re-export, rose 6.9% in the first quarter compared to the same period a year earlier. The European Union plus United Kingdom area saw a larger increase, at 9%, while the United States jumped 4.6% and Japan, 5.1%.

Rabobank said the numbers are still not great compared to pre-pandemic levels. The result in the first quarter was only 0.6% higher than two years ago (Q1 2020).

The analysts said Russia’s war in Ukraine and Chinese Covid lockdowns could dent coffee demand in those countries. They also said high retail prices could hurt demand in Brazil, a top producing country…

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