This Saturday, May 14th is World Migratory Bird Day, a global holiday that happens twice a year, celebrating migratory birds and highlighting bird conservation across the globe. Not all birds migrate, but Hilary Shughart, president of the Bridgerland Audubon, explained that the species that do often make incredible journeys.

“It’s the second Saturday in May and in October because birds migrate both ways. They come up north to feast on insects and nectar and whatnot and raise their families in the summer and then they head back south to avoid our winters, some of them many thousands of miles,” Shughart said.

Many migratory species rely on high quality habitat like the natural areas that dot Cache Valley to refuel on their long journeys, but the valley has another surprising connection to migratory birds: coffee.

Edie DeVilbiss is the coffee trainer and educator at Caffe Ibis, a coffee roastery headquartered in Logan. She said migratory birds…

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