BOONTON – The Boonton Coffee Co., a busy café on Main Street, was the first stop for delivering a $14,559 check from the Morris County Small Business Grant Program, as the Morris County Board of County Commissioners joined local officials in meeting with two local entrepreneurs.

“This is great. Thank you so much. It will go a long way,” said Frank McDonald, who owns and operates The Boonton Coffee Company with his wife, Nicola.

Commissioner Douglas Cabana delivered the grant Wednesday, which is drawn from a fund created by the Commissioners to assist small businesses and nonprofits who survived the pandemic yet continue to struggle to operate and meet expenses.

“I’m the one who told this guy to apply. I had one of the pamphlets and dropped it off. Every small business needs to know about this program,” said Mickey Chopra, owner of Vinnie’s Pizzeria on Main Street, Boonton, embracing Frank McDonald during the grant delivery at the…

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